A Post-Apocalyptic Fairytale

I’m currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to try and raise support for my new short film, The Reverie. It’s a post-apocalyptic fairytale – a drama set at the end of the world about a girl who believes she might be the last person left alive.

It’s a project I’ve been developing for almost a year, and it’s really exciting to finally share it with the world. Our team are trying to raise £4800 to make it happen, and I can’t wait to see what everyone makes of it.

Kickstarting ‘The Reverie’

Forest DARK

I’m really very excited to announce that I’ll shortly be launching a major crowdfunding campaign for my new short film, The Reverie. It’s a post-apocalyptic fairytale about a teenage girl that believes she’s the last person left alive, until she stumbles upon a radio that’s broadcasting an inexplicable signal.

Together with producer Sian Tomlinson, we’ve been busy putting together a fantastic team of top young talent from the television industry. We can’t wait to share the details with everyone – so watch this space for more news.

LUC Festival

I’m very chuffed to announce that, as well as being selected for Leamington Underground Cinema Festival this year, Antisocial has also been nominated for the festival’s Short Film Prize. The film will be screening on Wednesday the 28th of September at 8pm in the Zephyr Lounge, and then again on Sunday 29th September at 8pm in the Spa Centre Cinema.

This is literally my first ever set of laurels. #proud


Antisocial – A Short Film

Based on (sort of) true events, Antisocial has been a six-month long project that I pieced together during stolen evenings and weekends. It was produced in association with The Film Umbrella, and features Alice Maguire as a vengeful heroine who doesn’t deal well with being woken up. My intention was to make a film that explores how sound has power over us, and what it means to be a victim in an uncontrollable situation.

The film premiered at VIBE:Shorts in London last month, and is having its festival debut at the 2013 LUC Film Festival at the end of September.


I think the crew have just about recovered from our manic three day shoot.

We’re totally wrapped on Antisocial, and it feels fantastic. It was a production six months in the making, and transformed fifteen bright eyed and bushy tailed film makers into coffee slurping zombies. In just 72 hours, we learned how to set up a french easel, beat a young woman half to death, and smashed a stereo to bits. Just a normal day at the office.

There will be lots of updates to follow as the film bubbles away in post production, but for now just a few quick special thank-yous: Georgie and Ellie, who lent us their flat; Celia Stanwyck, for loaning us her art materials; Philip Walker, for the 5D; and Sarah Cox for keeping us sugared up with flapjacks. Cheers guys!


The Protector

There are just two things you need to know.

The first is that actor and fellow producer Patrick Alexander is working with acclaimed director Vitor Vilela on a brand spanking new short film, The Protector. It’ll serve as a pilot for a TV series which follows Jak, a troubled hitman who’s trying to put his past behind him.

The second is that, like all budding films, it needs love and nuture to blossom into something brilliant. And so Patrick and the rest of The Film Umbrella team are raising funding via IndieGoGo.

It’s a really great project, with some flipping fantastic talent attached. If there was ever a project worth investing a tenner in, this is it. So if you can spare a few quid in the festive spirit of giving, they will love you forever.

Check out their IndieGoGo page here.

The Shooting Script

Cogs are turning behind the scenes. Together with long time collaborator Dave White and a new team of ridiculously talented people, pre-production is well underway for my new short film, Antisocial. It’s shaping up to be a dark revenge tale that follows a young artist who is driven over the edge by her neighbour’s unrelenting music.

Lots of exciting updates to follow.

Hitchcock Blonde – Murder In The Nth Degree

The official music video for Hitchcock Blonde’s Murder In The Nth Degree.

Director/Editor – Sam Wildman. DoP – Dave White. Assistant Producer – Trevor Klein. Assistant Director – Michelle Stanwyck. Stylist – Charlotte Richards. Colourist – Geraint Abbott.

Special thanks to Henry & Silas. Filmed @ The Rag Factory, London E1,

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